Exterminate Ticks in Indianapolis

Think you may have a tick problem on your property? You’re not alone. Our pest control technicians at Quality Pest Exterminator are ready to help. Depending on the type, ticks can be various shades and belong to the family ixodidae. They are not very large in size with a mature tick getting close to 1 centimeter in length (smaller than a sunflower seed) and the larvae is generally under 1 millimeter in length. Indianapolis experiences several different tick types which includes the American dog tick and the deer tick.

Some properties are at a higher risk of developing a tick infestation. For example, if your home is located close to a heavily wooded area or substantially vegetated area you could have ticks invade your yard and property.

Certain tick varieties demand a specific amount of dampness to survive, in addition to blood for meals; through pets or humankind.

The life-cycle of ticks involves four different phases. The eggs, larvae, nymph, and adult. In the larvae stage they have 6 legs and through the remaining two phases they have 8 legs. Every single stage will require blood for their meals. A number of bacteria and pathogenic agents may cause illnesses if given to a host.

Indianapolis Tick Infestation Indications

You are going to know if ticks are infiltrating your home once you start noticing them. Should you have indoor animals that become infested with ticks, your home is likely to be infested also if it’s not addressed quickly. In addition, some people who endure a tick bite might face unwanted symptoms and should visit a doctor for treatment advice, if any is essential.

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