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A great many people are at any rate acquainted with precisely what silverfish are and where they get their name; their appearance. These little bugs are in the shape of a teardrop and brown or silver in color. They can differ in size from 12 to 19 mm long. They feature 3 long bristles on their rear-end and don’t look much various as they develop. At Quality Pest Exterminator we’re experts in handling the many different bugs that can invade your property, including unsightly silverfish of their foods.

Learn More About Silverfish

When you come across silverfish, it will likely be in your kitchen or cooking space, the basement, or the bathroom; anywhere moist and dark. If you have lots of paper or damp garments in boxes you’ll likely find a silverfish among them. Silverfish want starches and sugar so they prefer carbohydrates; linen, silk, hair shampoo, cellulose, book glue, and dead bugs, to name a few.

Interestingly, these pests will do a certain dance prior to mating. The male silverfish lay what’s called spermatophore and go in the female specimens’ ovipositor. The types of silverfish will determine how many eggs the female could lay and the habits of stated eggs.

Indications You Have a Silverfish Infestation

Chances are you have seen a silverfish scurry across the floor or counter at one point, however were not alarmed at the sight. It is not until you begin seeing a lot of them, or their feces which resembles pepper, that you think about acting. Now is also a good time to look into prevention so you don’t have the problem again. Many of our customers do not know that silverfish are on their property. Obviously, they’re not regularly checked whether you have any spiders, earwigs, or centipedes sticking around; they eat silverfish. In the event that these bugs are as of now covering up in the home, they could be taking pleasure in the silverfish however that is no motivation to keep them around.

Protect Your Home from Indianapolis Silverfish

Silverfish are nocturnal bugs and move rapidly, which you have probably already noticed. Because they are excellent at being deceptive you might not notice a problem for some time and that’s the unfortunate part because they can reproduce very quickly.

These insects do not always end up being a danger or problem till they go untreated for too long. When this happens, they will certainly start damaging your valuables including clothes, papers, and wallpaper, to name a few. Examine your linen closet when you suspect a silverfish invasion to check that they haven’t been harmed or the closet is not ravaged with even more.

Regulating an Indianapolis Silverfish Invasion

While they can make due in a ton of conditions they will pick sodden areas over others. Regulating the humidity in your home is one method to prevent a silverfish problem. Should you not recognize your home is being attacked by silverfish until it is far too late, you can get relief, by calling our Indianapolis exterminators to set up a treatment as soon as possible.

Our exterminators can evaluate the problem and design a treatment strategy specifically to address your needs. While it is possible to use over the counter products to kill the silverfish you see, those that are not seen will remain to thrive and increase. Fending off the silverfish is another DIY technique but this will not have much affect if an invasion has actually materialized already.

Indianapolis Silverfish Solutions

The techniques we use here at Quality Pest Exterminator for silverfish control attacks these pests in all phases of life (eggs and adults) which assists ensure total removal. Call (317) 723-7226 and offer us a quick description of your problem and we will further help you, determining the best course of action.

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