Indianapolis Pests

Our company has been dealing with a variety of pests as of late for properties in Indianapolis including rats, roaches, ants, crickets, bed bugs, fleas and other insects.

indy pest ant control


Before you have an ant nest set up refuge in your residence, phone our technicians at (317) 723-7226 to send the ants on their way! We can inspect and determine the activity taking place and develop the best strategy for getting control and keeping control of the ants on your property.
indy pest Bed Bugs control

Bed Bugs

If you’re prepared to be free of bed bugs you should try to contact our bed bug specialists as soon as possible! We will talk about the procedure and take time to answer any questions you may currently have, but first and foremost we will conduct an assessment

indy pest Bees control


If you are not sure what sort of bee or insect is buzzing around your home or you have identified a nest, give us a call right away at (317) 723-7226 so we can send somebody out to have a look!
indy pest Beetles control


Get relief from undesirable beetles in or around your home by calling our remarkable pest control specialists serving Indianapolis residents. We can determine the kind of beetle in order to treat them appropriately and start ridding your home of unwanted beetles.

indy pest Cockroaches control


Many of our clients didn’t give us a call for cockroach services until they attempted to get rid of them on their own. There are plenty of products to choose from for home solutions, but roaches are trickier and not always so simple to eliminate.

indy pest Earwigs control


To learn more about our own exceptional earwig control options or our pest control service for Indianapolis residents, just give us a call. Even if you just have questions regarding earwigs, we’re right here to assist. Phone us at (317) 723-7226 today to learn more!
indy pest Fleas control


Give us a call today at (317) 723-7226 for more information about how we can secure your home year-round from unwanted fleas and other bugs.
indy pest Flies control


Let us help you control the flies taking over your property by phoning us at (317) 723-7226 today. While complete fly disposal can’t ordinarily be accomplished through vermin end endeavors.

indy pest Hornets control


Hornets really are social creatures, therefore they will adamantly protect their colony from any intruders. European hornets are less assertive when you compare them to yellow jackets and they are proud of defending their own home and will take drastic measures if required to ward off any threat they might suspect or sense.

indy pest Mice control


Whether you have only seen one mouse, merely believe you have mice in the home, or you have actually observed evidence of the mice we are right here to help you. Our professionals at Quality Pest Exterminator are here to aid you and remove the mice taking control of your property

indy pest Millipedes control


Phone our millipede professionals at Quality Pest Exterminator today at (317) 723-7226 whether you need treatments right now for present millipedes or if you are interested in prevention services; we’re here to help!
indy pest Mosquitoes control


If you’re worried about the mosquito population near your home or business then you should call our Indianapolis mosquito control professionals at (317) 723-7226 today!
indy pest Rats control


Our Indianapolis rat control experts are familiar with the usual entry points in both homes and businesses in the Indianapolis area. Just give Quality Pest Exterminator a call at (317) 723-7226 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you protect your property from future rat invasions too. 
indy pest Silverfish control


The procedure we use here at Quality Pest Exterminator for silverfish control assaults these pests in all periods of life (eggs and grown-ups) which helps guarantee absolute evacuation.Call (317) 723-7226 and offer us a quick description of your problem and we will further help you, determining the best course of action.

indy pest Stink Bugs control

Stink Bugs

In case the stink bugs are turning out to be way too much to handle it’s time to phone Quality Pest Exterminator. We’ll supply more info on our specific stink bug options and address any concerns you may have. 

indy pest Ticks control


If you are ready to eliminate the ticks on your residence, phone our quality pest control exterminators in Indianapolis right away at (317) 723-7226 and we’ll provide more information on our tick treatments and solutions.
indy pest Wasps control


When you’re anxious to be free from the stinging wasps at your personal property, give our pest control specialists in Indianapolis a ring at (317) 723-7226 right away! We don’t advise trying to get rid of them on your own if you’re not sure what you’re doing. We can safely remove the wasps and their nests and help you gain control of the wasp population on your property.