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Whether you just moved in to your house or you have actually lived there for several years, pests will most likely be a concern at some point. There are numerous pests common here in Indianapolis, for instance bed bugs, beetles, mice, ticks, and cockroaches, to name a few. Luckily, we offer services to safeguard your home from annoying, undesirable pests.

Indianapolis Quality Residential Pest Remedies

At Quality Pest Exterminator it is our objective to ensure your property and family are secured from pests; both harmless and destructive. We take your security seriously and it is our primary priority when we show up to treat your property.

You have likely already experienced a pest problem, such as cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and spiders. We have managed many properties recently for these particular pests, but we would also like to mention the ever-increasing discoveries of bed bugs. They’re now becoming a more common pest here in Indianapolis than ever before.

Residential properties in Indianapolis are at risk for bed bugs, as is any city across all of the states. They will easily multiply if not addressed right away so we recommend if you take trips a lot, purchase second-hand furnishings and items often, or go to an array of locations in or outside of town routinely, to examine your home often so that you can spot a bed bug invasion before it becomes an infestation.

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Even if you’re not currently experiencing a pest issue you may want to consider our preventative pest options to guarantee you are protected from unwanted pests. Give our expert home pest control techs a ring today at (317) 723-7226 for more information about our treatment options for residential properties. If you have any concerns or questions regarding a certain pest or our services just let us know.

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