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Seeing millipedes in or outside of your home? Our millipede control technicians at Quality Pest Exterminator can help you get rid of them. The everyday millipedes discovered in the United States tend to be brown in color and range between 2.5 to 4 centimeters long. The millipedes possess two pair of legs for every section (they have two). These particular small insects will lay eggs inside the ground and need 2 yrs to become 100% developed. They also have a reasonably decent life span of a number of years.

Millipedes in Indianapolis

It’s not uncommon to discover millipedes both inside and/or outside of your premises. If found inside, you’ll probably see them in areas that are damp or more wet than others. Outdoors they tend to appreciate flowers and gardens. If you’ve got mulch surrounding your property or piled-up dead vegetation you’ll likely have some millipedes underneath it. If the dirt is damp they are going to really enjoy that location. Millipedes eat on decaying particles of wood that they stumble upon and decayed leaves.

Indianapolis Millipedes


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Come Fall, you may begin seeing the millipedes begin to migrate, abandoning the environment they have regarded as home for the last several months. It is said that the millipedes begin migrating to prep for the winter, although when you have serious rains you will likely notice them as well, due to being flushed out of their homes whenever it floods. During this period it isn’t really unusual to discover them inside of your residence.

Millipede Sightings & Access Points

Should a millipede make its way inside your home, it’s going to first seek residence on your patio or porch. If only they would just stay there. Unfortunately, they will then climb up the exterior of your home, searching for a way in the house; many times an unseen crack or crevice, or any other gap the property owner is not aware of.

Nevertheless, you’ll want to check the the seals on your doors and windows, doors on your garage, air vents, crawl space entrance and cellar entrances. If the garage or another storage space is filled with cardboard boxes and other items, clean up frequently to prevent millipedes from taking up refuge underneath your items and/or pieces of furniture.

Indianapolis Millipede Prevention Tips

  • Examine your exterior landscaping and get rid of any unnecessary compost. Be sure that a 6 inch space is in between your concrete foundation and any flowers or shrubbery. You may have to get rid of mulch, leaves and grass to help make this happen.
  • Examine all of the screens on your property. As well as your property’s window screens, make sure any vent or crawl space screens are in excellent condition without holes or damages that could provide unwanted pest access. All access doors must shut and seal up firmly, reducing any excess room for undesirable pests to enter in through, given that they can.
  • Ensure the windows and doors have weather strip protection that is whole and free of damages. If you notice weather stripping missing or any sort of problems, it needs to be fixed. Your basement doors also require secure weather stripping. When you see light underneath or around a doorway (or windows) it should be fixed.

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