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We look forward to helping you obtain a safe and pest-free home or business.

commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

If you’re not sure what kind of issues your property is facing or simply want to make sure you get the right services, we recommend scheduling an inspection.

residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

At Quality Pest Exterminator it is our objective to ensure your property and family are secured from pests; both harmless and destructive. We take your security seriously and it is our primary priority when we show up to treat your property.

Pest Exterminator

If you find yourself needing superior pest control management, regardless of what pest, rodent, or insect, you have come to the right place. Quality Pest Exterminator is on a mission to provide pest protection to locals and property owners. We serve the Marion County area with superior solutions to treat all kinds of pest issues from minor to severe.

Homes and businesses don’t typically have the same pest problems. Some pests tend to be more prone to invade distinct areas; roaches fancy cafes and ants enjoy home kitchen areas. We can easily help you be free from pest concerns, now, as well as in the near future, with our reliable and efficient pest control strategies.

Indianapolis Pests

Our company has been dealing with a variety of pests as of late for properties in Indianapolis including rats, roaches, ants, crickets, bed bugs, fleas, and other insects.

With regards to rats and mice, people often use a DIY option before contacting our trained specialists. The advantage of using our rodent control services is we’ll help determine where they are coming in from. Making it harder for pests to get inside can offer tremendous results in terms of reducing the pest population on your property.

Mosquitoes lead to more human deaths than any other animal on the earth. Now that the types of mosquitoes found in Indianapolis are becoming acclimated to breeding in urban areas, it’s easy to see why we’re concerned; and you should be too.

A lot of people don’t realize that this is a very effective method for reducing pest issues; not only rats and mice. The fact is, it won’t take very long for mice to completely infest a building, reproduce quickly, and possibly cause very serious damage. Such locations they prefer to hide within and invade include attics, inside walls, in between flooring, etc.

Cockroaches are likely the most difficult pests to treat and we highly recommend you put a treatment plan in place as soon as possible. Otherwise, you give them time to start reproducing, only worsening the problem. They adapt to any environment so no property is safe; residential or commercial.

Bed bugs, a different pest that is certainly gracing Indianapolis residents with its existence. Why? The most common reason is the requirement of multiple treatments rather than a single, one-time treatment. This is simply because many times the problem isn’t caught right away.

The more bed bugs that are present the more treatments you can expect to need. They will start in your bedroom but if you don’t notice them right away they can easily take over the adjoining room or any other room(s) in the home. Especially if you’re transporting them from room to room, unknowingly.

Combat Pests with Our Powerful Techniques

When you choose our experts at Quality Pest Exterminator you’ll be able to quit worrying about pest invasions and rely on us to address them. We will explain the procedure of your pest issue and offer estimates for the type of service you want; one-time, month to month, bi-monthly, every quarter, and annually.

In addition, pest inspections will typically help detect any present or probable pest issues in a property and our inspectors are some of the very best in the industry. Do not hesitate to reach out to our pest control technicians if you need service in the Indianapolis area. Call (317) 723-7226 to learn more about what we can do to keep your property free from unwanted pests.